Your Tax Donation Could Change A Life

At the Lexington Education Foundation (LEF), our mission is to provide opportunities to students that would miss out on programs that benefit them because of financial status. We believe that every student with a disability deserves to learn and grow. Funding shouldn’t keep them from that. The LEF provides tuition scholarships as well as resources to families that need financial help. We are able to do this through the generous efforts of individual and business owners that share our values. With an Arizona tax credit for contribution to a Certified School Tuition Organization (STO), taxpayers that give a donation receive a tax credit for their endowment. These credits reduce their tax burden and could increase their refund. With a contribution to the LEF, you can change the lives of students with special needs while earning yourself a credit when tax time comes.

How You Could Change A Life

Finding tuition money for students with disabilities can be extremely difficult for families. With the estimated annual cost of raising a child with special needs somewhere near 54,000 dollars a year, the need for school tuition funding is obvious. There are millions of parents with great incomes that struggle to manage the costs needed to adequately take care of their loved ones. Many more have no financial options for their children at all. Recent studies have found that 1 in 4 children in Arizona may be living in poverty and at least 51% of children live in a home designated as “low-income”. Many of those individuals are living with disabilities that make attending public schools difficult. LEF is able to take a tax donation from caring individuals and use them to award tuition scholarships to families in need that they can use for education. Your donation can help bridge the financial divide between a student that wants to learn and a proper learning environment for their needs.

Why Donation Is Great For You

Not only will you help to bring a student closer to their academic goals, but you will save yourself some money in the process. Your tax credit donation comes from your Arizona state tax and you can choose to donate a large portion of that to a certified STO like the Lexington Education Foundation. For those that typically receive a state refund, this credit will mean you get more back in your refund. If you typically have to pay tax, a donation could mean a significantly reduced tax payment or even no payment at all. Arizona puts limitations on how much an individual or a married couple can typically donate so you will want to see what contribution you can make. Any donation made to LEF will benefit you as a taxpayer while helping a student realize their dreams.

Making A Donation To LEF Today

Making a donation to the Lexington Education Foundation is easy to do and you will be changing someone’s life when you do it. Visit our donation page right now to pledge a donation and help Arizona students in need. Have a few questions on how to donate? Call 623-349-4322 or contact us online today.