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402, 2020

Help Create Special Needs Scholarships With Your Taxes

By |February 4th, 2020|Categories: Uncategorized|

Arizona families need your help and you can do your part to impact your community just in time for tax season. Why tax season? When you donate your tax liability to help formulate special needs scholarships for students in Arizona, you get a tax credit. You can help your community and also get some tax benefits with a simple donation to Lexington Education Foundation (LEF). What Is LEF LEF is [...]

301, 2020

Taxes Don’t Have To Be Scary

By |January 3rd, 2020|Categories: Informational|Tags: |

Taxes Don’t Have To Be Scary Looking for a way to get more money back in April or to reduce your tax burden for the year? Tax season doesn’t have to be a scary time. If you live in Arizona, you can increase the amount of refunded money you receive or reduce your tax costs by donating to a School Tuition Organization (STO). If you donate to a certified [...]

612, 2019

Extend Your Giving Season Beyond A Day Of The Week

By |December 6th, 2019|Categories: Informational|Tags: , |

Extend Your Giving Season Beyond A Day Of The Week Every year, the twitterverse and social media world is overtaken by the importance of Giving Tuesday, which happens annually as an official day for charity around the world. Many people, including celebrities, get very involved in giving on this symbolic day. This is a fantastic time of year for those in need, as there are huge contributions made [...]

2511, 2019

Your Tax Donation Could Change A Life

By |November 25th, 2019|Categories: Informational|Tags: |

Your Tax Donation Could Change A Life At the Lexington Education Foundation (LEF), our mission is to provide opportunities to students that would miss out on programs that benefit them because of financial status. We believe that every student with a disability deserves to learn and grow. Funding shouldn’t keep them from that. The LEF provides tuition scholarships as well as resources to families that need financial help. We are [...]

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