Arizona families need your help and you can do your part to impact your community just in time for tax season. Why tax season? When you donate your tax liability to help formulate special needs scholarships for students in Arizona, you get a tax credit. You can help your community and also get some tax benefits with a simple donation to Lexington Education Foundation (LEF).

What Is LEF

LEF is certified School Tuition Organization, which is a nonprofit that helps students in Arizona to attend schools regardless of their tuition situation. LEF helps disabled and displaced students to go to private day schools that have the facilities and staff to provide for their needs and help them reach their academic goals. LEF packages donations made by generous individuals into special needs scholarships and awards those to kids across the state.

The Need For Special Needs Scholarships

LEF is vividly aware of the financial situations that families of kids with special needs face. On average it costs an average of $60,000 dollars a year just to maintain the needs of a child with special needs, not to mention the estimated $17,000 it costs to educate these children in the right environment. Without special needs scholarships, many parents never even consider the opportunity to send their kids to the best private school for them.

Tax Incentives For Donors

While we all love helping our communities and there is scientific evidence that helping people around you actually incites a deeper emotional response than riches can buy, the state of Arizona also recognizes the sacrifices made by individuals and businesses. That’s why your donation earns you a tax credit, which could greatly reduce your tax burden or even wipe it out completely. For those that receive a tax refund, this could mean more money back in your wallet and you get to help people with special needs in your community.

One way that many people contribute to these special needs scholarships is by donating their tax liability to the state of Arizona. Everyone has a tax liability to the state which is essentially what you must pay the state in tax from your paychecks over the year. Normally this liability is collected into a large pool and then split among the different tax supported programs across the state. However, when you donate your tax liability to LEF, you get to decide where your tax liability goes. You can help create special needs scholarships just by rerouting the money you already had to pay for the year.

This year, we have some great news! LEF has partnered with Lexington Services to make you a special offer. Lexington Services will pay for your tax processing and filing at no cost to you when you donate your tax liability to LEF. You can get your taxes done for free and help create special needs scholarships for students across Arizona. For more information, contact Lexington’s certified CPA, Chris Brimhall, now at 928-892-8197 or by email at to get the process started. Do you have other questions before you begin? Contact a member of the Lexington staff now.