Get a Larger Tax Refund by Donating!

The State of Arizona allows taxpayers to donate their tax liability up to a maximum amount.

An Arizona taxpayer must FIRST donate the Original Tax Credit’s full amount to donate any additional amounts to the Switcher Tax Credit.

Need more information?

You will receive a tax receipt from LEF after your donation has been made. You will need to fill out either Arizona Tax Form 301, 323, 348, or all three (find them at and file them alongside your tax return to receive your dollar-for-dollar credit.

You can donate up to April 15th and still claim it for the previous year. Any donation made past this deadline may be claimed for the upcoming year.

Ways to Donate:

There are THREE ways to donate your tax dollars to help a child’s education:
– Complete the secure online form with your credit card information at
– Complete a donor brochure and send it with a check to LEF: Lexington Education Foundation 1337 South Gilbert Road #112 Mesa, AZ 85204
– Ask your employer if they do payroll withholdings for donations. Find the “Payroll Withholding” donation form on our website.

For any questions on how to donate or about Lexington Education Foundation, please contact:
Ashley MacPherson


Phone: (623)-349-4322