Extend Your Giving Season Beyond A Day Of The Week

Every year, the twitterverse and social media world is overtaken by the importance of Giving Tuesday, which happens annually as an official day for charity around the world. Many people, including celebrities, get very involved in giving on this symbolic day. This is a fantastic time of year for those in need, as there are huge contributions made in the traditional giving season. At Lexington Education Foundation, we’re all about Giving Tuesday. It’s a day of extreme pride for non-profit organizations, as we get to see the world come together for the people in their community. However, we also want to challenge anyone in the Arizona community to extend their giving season beyond Giving Tuesday or any other day of the week throughout the year. People are in need all the time. Let’s make a difference in their lives 365 days a year.

How To Keep The Giving Season Going

There are a number of ways that you can keep the giving season going beyond Giving Tuesday. Volunteering your time and effort is one amazing way to help people see the good in the world and strive for their dreams. A number of charities need able bodied volunteers, especially during the holiday season, but there are churches and community centers that could use your help too.

If you’re looking for a dedicated place to donate funds to this giving season, have you considered Lexington Education Foundation? LEF is a state certified school tuition organization that provides opportunities to Arizona students so they can attend the schools that best suit their needs. Donations to LEF earn you a tax credit and you can keep the giving season going all year, not just limit it to Giving Tuesday.

What Does LEF Do With My Contribution

Lexington Education Foundation is a non-profit organization that creates tuition scholarships with contributions made by individuals and corporations in the community. Funds donated are given to disabled and displaced students in Arizona so they can attend schools that have provisions for their needs. Every student in Arizona deserves to attend the school that’s best for them. People that want to help make a difference and keep the giving season going can change the lives of an Arizona student in their community. The state of Arizona recognizes the efforts of those that contribute. That’s why you can get a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for your donations. A contribution to LEF can help you keep the giving season alive beyond Giving Tuesday and earn you a tax credit.

Where Can I Start Giving Today

Lexington Education Foundation makes it easy to donate, so you can handle your giving and move on with other activities. Our online donation portal is easy to use and should answer all of your questions. You can make a quick one time donation, donate your yearly-allotted amount or make other contributions based on what you have to keep the giving season going. At LEF, we’re here to make this process easy for you because you make it possible for us to change lives. If you have questions or concerns that we haven’t answered, please email us at info@lexingtonschol.wpengine.com. Otherwise, we’ll see you over on the donation page!

Donate Now!

Don’t wait for the charitable giving season to start making a difference. Earn a tax credit with your contributions.
Donate now, receive your tax credit, and help brighten someone’s future.