What is LEF?

Lexington Education Foundation is a certified School Tuition Organization (STO). It is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that helps students in Arizona attend schools regardless of their financial situation.

Impact of LEF In the Community

LEF packages donations made by generous individuals into special needs scholarships and awards them to kids across the state who may not otherwise attend the school of their choice.

STOs like LEF make it possible for children to attend the school of their choice and get the services they deserve to succeed in school and life.

From 2020 to 2021, LEF had 15 individual donors and one corporate donor, equaling $32,127.00 in donations. As a result:
– 10+ students applied
– 4 were granted scholarships
– $10,000+ in scholarships were awarded

LEF has more than $15,000 to continue to award for this year to more students.

How You Can Get Involved

Many people contribute to these special needs scholarships by donating their tax liability to the state of Arizona. Everyone has a tax liability to the state, which you must pay the state in tax from your paychecks over the year.

When you donate your tax liability to LEF, you get to decide where your tax liability goes. You can help create special needs scholarships just by rerouting the money you already had to pay for the year–all at no cost to you!

LEF also has other ways to donate! Lexington Education Foundation can be found on Amazon through Amazon Smile or the Community Fry’s Reward. More ways to donate will be coming soon.

Need more information?

For any questions on how to donate or about Lexington Education Foundation, please contact:

Ashley MacPherson
Email: lef@LexingtonEducationFoundation.com
Phone: (623)-349-4322
Website: https://lexingtonscholarships.com/